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How to avoid stopping hiccups in infants

Surprisingly, children suffer from hiccups, which are not a cause for concern, but some preventive measures can be taken. They will return to normal after a few minutes, but let’s see how to treat hiccups in infants faster.

Causes of hiccups in infants

Did you know that children suffer from hiccups, too? In fact, the baby suffers from hiccups even when he is in his mother’s womb. Did you feel the fast, rhythmic movements when your baby was still in your tummy? Anyway, you don’t have to worry about infant hiccups.

What are causes of hiccups in infants? Infant hiccups occur when a baby’s diaphragm is stimulated causing convulsions. The diaphragm is a thin skeletal muscle in the lower part of the baby’s chest that contracts and inflates to help the baby breathe.

How to treat hiccups in infants

What if your baby hiccups while breastfeeding? In such a case, stop breastfeeding and let him burp or change the breastfeeding position. It may be helpful to take a position where you maintain your position and raise your upper body. But first of all, please make your child relax. The hiccups naturally stop over time. If you don’t stop after 5-10 minutes and you really want to do something, try crawling and cooling down and drinking milk.

If your child has hiccups, both mom and dad will feel anxious. But in reality, the child does not seem to feel anything. To treat hiccups in infants, play with your baby for a while or treat him gently so that he feels comfortable. Of course, don’t forget to change diapers!

How to prevent hiccups in infants

Some babies hiccup while breastfeeding. Is your child too hungry or rushing to drink milk? When breastfeeding, maintain a calm environment and do not breastfeed him when he is very hungry. You should be able to prevent hiccups while breastfeeding.

Your baby’s hiccups are not a problem, but if you’re concerned, you may want to talk to your doctor during your next baby check-up.

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